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Lucky, nominated for the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize, BC Book Awards, March 12, 2014

CBC North By Northwest — Sunday February 9, 2014 interview with Sheryl MacKay

Vancouver Sun Review January 10, 2014

“Kathryn Para’s astonishing novel — astonishing in its scope and depth, astonishing as a first novel — is the winner of Mother Tongue Publishing’s 2nd “Search for the Great BC Novel…Para’s depictions of the war scenes in Lucky are stunning, her understanding of the political forces at play, astute; these sections ring with a profound authenticity. Yet it’s the heartbreaking, personal account of Ani that is so enlightening…” M.A.C. Farrant, author of  The World Afloat and My Turquoise Years.

“Lucky is a beautiful, harsh novel, tension-filled, its language startling and fresh.  It’s also funny, thanks to the unflinching perceptions of its daring and damaged protagonist, Ani, war photojournalist and surly survivor.  Lucky me.  I got to read this book first.”- Caroline Adderson author of A History of ForgettingSitting Practice, and The Sky Is Falling.

“Meet lucky photojournalist, Ani—destination Fallujah. Meet her friends, the Pams—diazepam, clonazepam, lorazepam—and her bottomless bottle of vodka. Watch all distinctions vanish in the fog of war—as the witness becomes the participant, the innocent the guilty. Nothing is neutral at the end of this road—any image can be used by anybody for any purpose—but that ultimately doesn’t matter because the righteousness of any cause is erased by the logic of violence. Kathy Para’s debut novel raises the ante on the word ‘blistering.’ Once you start down her harrowing road, you won’t be able to get off.”–Keith Maillard, author of Gloria and The Difficulty at the Beginning Quartet

“With Lucky, Kathy Para has written a gorgeous, lyrical and globe-spanning ode to damage and to recovery, a powerful examination of the thornily entangled ethics of photography, war, love and humanity.”–Michael Christie, author of The Beggar’s Garden

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Vancouver Writers Fest 2013

Kathryn Para is an award-winning, multi-genre writer with a MFA in Creative Writing from UBC. Her fiction, non-fiction and poetry have been published in Grain, Room of One’s Own, Geist, Sunstream, and Vancouver Review. She is the 2013 Winner of Mother Tongue Publishing’s Search for the Great BC Novel Contest. Her stage play, Honey, debuted in 2004. She has also written, directed and produced short films. Lucky is her first novel.